As the SUMMER session winds down, a few last minute reminders.  

  ·         All players must have 4 matches played to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

 ·      Anyone not interested in the secondary playoff, must notify me the Friday of the last week of play. The playoff winner qualified for the  Annual Secondary Cash Tournament next June. 
 ·     Fall Session: The new session starts the first couples weeks of Sept (varies by division). 
  • Congratulations to all the players heading to Vegas; Ladies, Jack 'N Jill and Team Captains. Also the 8ball teams, Slop Shots, Cellar Dwellers and Vikings. Download the app to track their progress at CompuSport. 


· Aug 8-13 (Thurs - Tues) World Pool Championship, Westgate Casino in Las Vegas 


·         MVP and Top Gun: As you know by now, only MVP is listed on your APA profile, but there is a Top Gun and Top Gal too. The list is located on the local site, which you can reach from your profile. The lists are divided by Kane\Kendall and Frankfort. To qualify for MVP, you must play half the session, and Top Gun\Gal requires 4 matches played. Females must be in the top 20 of the list to be eligible for the Top Gal tournament, and top 10 to receive an award. 

·    This Fall, we hope to start a Monday Tri City division, as another Batavia bar is joining Tri City, welcome Riverside Pizza. Congratulations Mike Caston on your second location. We also hope to continue the Tuesday Frankfort division that started this session. There's interest in getting a Sunday division in the Frankfort area, and a Masters Division is Kane\Kendall county. 
Please keep an eye on the Facebook Group page for updates on Vegas winners and Fall reminders. When on Facebook search for KKF-APA to join.
 Enjoy the rest of the summer. I'll be touch regarding the Fall team, rosters, etc. 
 Thanks for playing. Good Luck! 



815-886-2057   Joe: 630-450-4938    Helen: 708-710-3737


P.S. Wishing Joe Hernandez a speedy recovery from his knee surgery.  

De Kalb, Kane, Kendall, Will
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