MVP and Top Gun\Gal: To qualify, players need to play 4 matches for Top Gun and half the number of weeks for MVP; ex: 14-week session requires 7 MP to win. When it's an odd # of weeks, or in the case of byes, I will round down; ex: 14-15 weeks require 7 MP. Women must be in the top 10 of the lists to qualify for an award, and in the top 20 to be recognized and invited to the tournament. The Top Gun stats are available only on the local site (see link below or click from your profile to My Leagues Website);  MVP starts are on your APA Online profile.  Summer, Fall and Spring Top Guns, Top Gals, male and female MVPs will all be eligible to play in the Annual Top Gun or Top Gal tournament held in the spring; provided they’re active on a Spring roster.

Secondary playoff format: The Secondary winners will be eligible for an annual Cash tournament. Secondary teams remain eligible to qualify for Citywide in subsequent sessions and would not give up their secondary spot in the Cash tournament. The Qualifying session’s roster would play in the Cash tournament, provided they are active members. 

Reminder of National Summer Change: Rule 23 is not allowed, even with opponents' permission. Even forfeiting the last match could violate the 23 Rule if you don't have someone on the roster to make 23. Teams lose ALL their points when playing over 23; better to forfeit 2 pts in the 5th match, even if you do lose 1 bonus point.  When the extra bonus point was added, it stated "when not playing someone twice and not violating 23 points" which is no longer relevant. If a team goes over 23, the extra bonus point would still stand. Please share. 

New APA Rule in Spring Session: The APA announced that effective Spring 2019, all new players will start as 3s. Men still won't be allowed to drop to 2s until they have played 10 matches though. Keep that in mind for your Spring Session rosters, and that all new players will need at least 10 matches played for Citywide.

Playing Twice is allowed but will cost you a bonus point. When you do need to play someone twice, certain conditions are in place to avoid abusing the rule as listed on the Golden Rule sheet. What is not yet included on the Gold sheet is: Ex: You can only play a player whose handicap is on the roster: ex: 1) If you have only one two, you cannot play a two twice at 23 points. 2) You can play two 2s, if one 2 is not present. This is true of ALL handicaps. The second player must be announced prior to the 1st match, AKA 7PM. 

Splitting matches is a national rule and not a local rule. The rule reads on page 27: Lengthy matches make it logical to put a second table in action, if one is available. If the fourth match has not started by official League start time (7:15) plus two hours (9:15), then it would begin on the second table. The fifth match would then be played on whichever table becomes available first. So, IF either team wants to start on a 2nd table at 9:15 and you’re not in the 4th match, then you do. If neither team wants to split, that’s ok too. It’s ONLY if one of the teams does. It is also permissible to play match 1 and 2 on two tables, then switch to one to avid splitting 4th and 5th.  NEW STARTING THIS FALL: Playoff matches are not exempt from the splitting table rule; however, it will be 10PM as many playoff matches don't go all 5 matches, alleviating the late night.  

Inclement Weather bylaw: Winter’s coming and last year was brutal! Note the bylaw regarding bad weather on league night. In the case of inclement weather, the league office will not allow any forfeits (Watch the FB page). Make up matches will be allowed when approved by the League Office. Any players that show up would play but any missing matches would need to be made up. All points must be claimed before the last two weeks of play, but preferably played within 2 weeks. Some areas are harder hit than others, so be considerate. You must notify the opposing team if your team is not showing. It’s just good manners to keep them from coming out unnecessarily.  Playing two tables on those nights is encouraged to get everyone home early and safely.  

·         Nov 30: Deadline to Qualify for Singles Regionals

·         Jan 8 thru Jan 17: Spring Session starts, various start dates.

·         March 2-3 Singles Regional, Location TBA

·        TBA: Vegas Qualifiers for 8Ball Doubles, Ladies 3 Person, Team Captain

·         Jun 1-2 Citywide 8 Ball tournament, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

·         Aug 8-13 8 Ball World Pool Championship (NEW DATES)

        for all Vegas Show Down Series dates, check the APA website.  


One more bylaw that many don’t know and bears repeating: The league office closes at 10:00 pm, Mon - Thurs, except the first and last week of play, and during playoffs. Questions should be referred to the Division Rep listed on your scoresheet first or if you can’t reach me.  Anyone calling and being abusive, and that includes to Kelly, Helen or any Division Rep,  any time could lose their bonus point. See if you can see my point: Calling in at 11PM to tell us you didn’t get your patch; calling at 11:30PM to tell me you shouldn’t be your current handicap because your opponent dumped to you, which proves it; calling at 10:30PM because your opponent didn’t shake your hand and called you a name; calling at 1AM and the bar isn’t on fire. So, some of you know players that do this and they’re also the same players that call me at 8:30AM to ask where they play next week. Of course, we're here to help, but I need to ask for some consideration and common sense on what’s reasonable. So, I will be enforcing the 10PM office hours, because there should be no question that can’t wait for a reasonable hour. You have rule books; the rule book is on the website. if you disagree on something, then use common sense, call a DR or ask someone else at the match. Someone will know the answer or have common sense. If in doubt, I can confirm during office hours.  Repeat offenders are subject to losing bonus points.
Thanks for continued participation and support.   
Kelly Auer, manager Kane and Kendall 630-742-2066 (also on Facebook)
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