MVP and Top Gun\Gal: Note that the # of weeks to be eligible for MVP is listed as 7 on your APA profile, but locally it varies based on the # of scheduled weeks; ex: 16-week session requires 8 MP to win, but in the case of byes, I will round down (or if an odd # of weeks). To qualify for Top Gun, players need to play only 4 matches. Women must be in the top 10 of the lists to qualify for an award, and in the top 20 to be recognized and invited to the Annual tournament. The Top Gun stats are available only on the local site (see link below or click from your profile to My Leagues); MVP starts are on your APA Online profile and APP.  Summer, Fall and Spring session Top Guns, Top Gals, male and female MVPs will all be eligible to play in the Annual MVP \ Top Gun or Top Gal tournament held June 23rd; provided they’re active on a Spring roster in this league.
Secondary playoff format: Teams previously qualified for Secondary are not eligible for another spot; the Secondary winners will be eligible for the annual Cash tournament. Secondary teams remain eligible to qualify for Citywide this session and would not give up their secondary spot in the Cash tournament. The Qualifying session’s roster would play in the Cash tournament, provided they are active members.   

Inclement Weather bylaw \ AKA Cold Vortex bylaw: The Facebook page is crucial during the winter. But another source is your APP, which allows me to post news on the front page. The APA is making more APP alerts, which will help me to get news to you ASAP. Remember that any players that show up would play but any missing matches would need to be made up. All points must be claimed before the last two weeks of play, unless a deadline is in place, like the Vortex week (deadline Feb 28th). Some areas are harder hit than others, so be considerate. You must notify the opposing team if your team is not going to show. It’s just good manners to keep them from coming out unnecessarily.  Playing two tables on those nights is encouraged to get everyone home early and safely. 


Division Reps: Division Reps are league members who volunteer to be my eyes and ears on league night, and to help with rulings, questions and to settle disputes. As mentioned in the Fall Update, sportsmanship needs to improve. After a meeting with the DRs and managers, all agreed and feel some accountability is expected and required when players' conduct is unacceptable (see Conduct in the team manual). They have agreed to step in on league night, when needed to either make the player aware that his actions aren’t acceptable (a warning), that his sportsmanship is slipping (take a time out), side line coaching (foul) or whatever's required to make the night run smoothly for everyone. We hope that simple reminders without penalty will suffice. I trust the integrity of my DR's and managers and appreciate their help in making the league fun for everyone. Please note who the DRs are in your area; some are listed on your scoresheets. This is an effort to avoid board meetings which have greater consequences.

Handicap Review Committee: As we head into the Spring Session, Vegas events are just a few months away. I'm reinstating the Handicap Review Committee to help keep all events fair. Anyone interested in being a board member to help keep the league as fair as possible, call or email me so I explain the process. All members are anonymous, there are no meetings, it's all done by email and won't take a lot of time, but it does take integrity and a fair-minded attitude, for the common good. You can be part of the solution.  


Thanks for continued participation and support.   

Mary @ League Office; 815-886-2057

Joe Hernandez  630-450-4938  ok to text

Helen Manzella: 708-710-3737 ok to text
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