Top Gun Kane and Kendall  
The report is called MVP but the stats are Top Gun. You earn points based on your opponent's handicap. If you beat a six you get six points, you lose, you get zero. The highest number of points at the end of the session wins Top Gun, and highest finishing female in the top 20 wins Top Gal. Ladies in the Top 10 will earn an award. To win, you must play a minimum of six matches.
Two separate achievements; one male and one female in each category so 4 winners BUT if there's a tie for Top Gun, both players win; if you come in 2nd to the Summer Top Gun winner, you both win. If there are more than two, the tie is broke with winning percentage, and then by number of matches.  If there's a tie for Top Gal, the tiebreaker is winning percentage, then by number of matches. Only one Top Gal. 
MVP stats are located on your APA profile and on the APP. Note that the MVP list does not take into accurate the minimum number of matches required to win. MVP must play HALF the # of weeks of the schedule, unless there's a bye or an odd # of weeks, than it's 1 less; ex: 13 week session (or 14 with a bye) = 6 MP, etc.