November Update!

As the temperatures start to drop it’s time to remind everyone of the inclement weather bylaw, and to encourage good sportsmanship when the weather gets bad. It’s rare that I cancel league night since some players can make it if they live close, but sometimes players come from areas that are more severely affected and can’t get there (Think downtown Chicago or rural areas) so distance is not the only factor. When the inclement weather rule is in effect, it’ll be posted on Facebook so please see if someone on your team has an account to check the status, or call to check.  Division reps will also be notified, so please make a note of a DR’s phone # (located on your scoresheets), in case you can’t reach me or get online. You must attempt to notify the opposing captain so their team can avoid coming out if there’s no match. Just forfeiting will not be tolerated regardless of the weather  The rule is: In the case of inclement weather, the league office will not allow any forfeits. Make up matches will be allowed when approved by the League Office. NOTE: All points must be claimed and issued no later than 2 weeks from the end of the session. Makeups can be difficult to arrange, especially close to the end of the session, so please don’t take the rule lightly and reschedule, unless absolutely necessary. Use the playing twice rule instead, allow players extra time to get there in bad weather, and if it is a makeup, schedule it ASAP to avoid a problem later. Too many times, only one team is interested in making it up; the one that needs the points. Don’t put yourself at another team’s mercy. Play the ones that show, play someone twice and makeup the rest timely. Let’s hope it’s not as back as last year or only snows and icy rain on non league nights! : )

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Congratulations to the recent I000 Match Club members 
Since June, I’ve awarded SEVEN 1K jackets. Alan Holt from Plano, John Frady from Joliet, Teddy Allen from Romeoville, John and Molly Chernisky from Sandwich, Dan Cordova from Lockport and Shawn Lindsay from Aurora.  A few more new members coming shortly: Tim Hartley and Riley White from Joliet.  Also, honorable mention to players that have not only played 1000 matches, but haveWON 1000 matches! Tim Gier, John Elder, Linda Petersen, Jeff Sergent and Jon Munson! Way to go! Congratulations!

Will County Fall Session playoffs:  There are some Top Point Citywide divisions and some that will have a Top Point playoff for Citywide. Divisions with 15 or more teams qualify for Top Point to Citywide and 2nd place will advance to the Challenge (COC). Divisions with twelve teams will have a one week inter-divisional playoff for a Citywide spot, and the runner up advances to Challenge. Both of these divisions will also have a second tier playoff of the next four spots and that winner advances to COC but with an extra round of play on Friday night. The remaining teams playoff in the secondary playoff. Divisions with 10-11 teams will advance the Top Point team to the COC; 2 vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th and the rest playoff for the secondary spot. Divisions with four to nine teams will playoff as normal, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd and the division winner advances to the Challenge of Champions, the rest playoff for the secondary spot, where applicable. If there are any exceptions to this format, you’ll be notified through your team envelopes. If you’re not interested in the secondary playoff, you must notify me by the last night of play.    Kane\Kendall teams will be notified directly though their team envelope as there are no standard policies, but there are some Citywide berths so watch for that soon.  

Playoff Minimum Matches The Summer and Fall sessions minimum required matches for post season play is FOUR, and only the Spring session requires SIX matches, new and old players alike.

Policy Changes NEW You’ve all received the Yellow flier in your team envelope about policy changes that are now in effect regarding past dues and bonus points. The original purpose of the bonus point was to reward teams for paying dues in full and submitting accurate score-sheets. I’ve been way too lax on enforcing this policy and awarding bonus points even when the sheets aren’t filled out at all. Effective immediately, teams will lose the bonus points when dues are short, but will now continue to loss the bonus point each week until it’s paid. Also, teams will lose the bonus point if the sheet isn’t completely filled out, including adding up the innings, adding up the match points and totaling team points. Accurate scoresheets will cause less data entry mistakes, and give us more accurate handicaps. Please read and sign the Yellow flier and leave it in your team envelope for reference. You will be notified when you’ve lost a bonus point, but lost points are not returned. Lacie, Tami and I appreciate your cooperation for a smoother operation.   

Summer and Fall Top Guns & Gals  Summer Top Guns and Top Gals will be invited to play in January with the Fall winners. Remember that when you’re the runner up to a Summer winner, both of you win. Mark your calendar for January 18th in Alsip. I hope the Top Gals like the new awards too.

APA Calendar

    ·        Nov 30  Singles Qualifiers Deadline

    ·        Jan 16-18  Challenge of Champions, Doubletree Hotel in Alsip

    ·        Jan 18  Top Gun and Top Gal tournament, Doubletree Hotel in Alsip

    ·        Mar 7th  Singles Regional, TBA

    ·        May 15-17  Challenge of Champions, Doubletree Hotel in Alsip

    ·        May 29-31 8ball Citywide, Best Western in Sandwich

    ·        Jun 12-14 9Ball Citywide TBA

Online Updates

APA Online Profile \  Members Services   If you don't have an online profile, why not?! It's free, you can check stats, schedules, (catch my mistakes), Top Gun reports, cool videos, billiard news, and more. You just need your email address and as long as your birthdate is on file, you're all set. See the link and video below. .

Facebook Fan Page There are only 771 players (29%) on the Facebook Fan Page: page. I know many of you are on FB, so just LIKE the page and you'll be added. I won't waste your time on there, but sometimes I'll post something relevant, or direct you to check the local site for news. 881 of you are on my personal page /MaryGuzzo so why not on the Fan Page.     

Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do enjoy hearing from you. (usually... : )

 Mary  This does not go to a phone, but the best way to reach me, even when the office is closed. 

Contact your division rep when you can't reach me. Their contact info is on your schedule and on the top of your scoresheets.  (local site for Message board, photo gallery, schedules, Updates, local news, birthdays) Online Profile, all stats  APA Natonal website, National results, videos are more.  (LIKE to be added)  (APA FB page)


League Office: 815-886-2057

League Fax: 815-828-0969 

  Visit APA's Official YouTube Channel  (3 pt scoring at 9 min pt) 

New APA Member Services Website

Members Services

You can have access to your stats, schedules, rosters and more by creating an account at or create an APA Member Account using the "Create Account" link at the top of any of the pages of this website.  It's FREE and takes just a few minutes.

When you create your account:

  • Your name, birth date and email address must match what we have on file for you, so if you encounter any difficulties, please contact us to verify that we have your correct info.
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