Vegas bound teams will be heading out soon, mid August! For the time, the sight of the Riviera Hotel will be gone. It was imploded recently but while the memories remain, the move to the Westgate has been awesome. The summer session is the 1st step to getting there next year. Summer Challenge winners will qualify for the Citywide, getting you into the Vegas qualifier next May!  Read on… on how to get there.

Summer 8Ball Playoff Format: Divisions with 13 or more teams qualify for Top Point to Citywide. Those divisions will also have a second tier playoff of the 6th vs 9th and 7th vs 8th place teams, and the winner advances to Challenge of Champions but with an extra round of play. The remaining teams playoff in the secondary playoff. Divisions with 9-12 teams will advance the Top Point team to Challenge of Champions, 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th and the rest playoff for the secondary spot. Divisions with less than nine teams will play off as normal, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd and the division winner advances to the Challenge of Champions, the rest playoff for the secondary spot, where applicable. If there are any exceptions to this format, you’ll be notified through your team envelopes. There will be some runner up and playoff situations, but announced individually.

Summer 9Ball Playoff Format: All divisions will advance the Top Point team to the 9Ball Citywide; the rest play off as normal, with the bottom tier advancing a team into the Citywide 9ball Qualifier; 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th; 5th vs wildcard team and 6th vs 7th.  (continued below....

Summer Challenge of Champions will continue to remain at the Clarion Hotel in Joliet, located at I-80 and Larkin Ave.  Stop by for minis at our next COC Sept 9-11th. Our banquet manager\APA member Kasey Lee has moved back home to Korean. He will be missed. Thanks for everything, Kasey. (you can find him on Facebook if you want to keep in touch). See calendar below for all APA dates.

Playoff Minimum Matches:  Players are only required to play FOUR matches during the summer and fall sessions for post season play.  Remember that men can be 2s only after playing 10 matches, and not in any post season play.

Spring Tournament Results: Check out the June tournament winners in the local site’s photo gallery **. Winners were also listed on the Facebook APA Fan page **, along with the Top Gun winners: Challenge winners were Molly’s from Dekalb, Rudy’s from Aurora, It’s a Long Shot and Scorpions both from Long Shots in Joliet, No F#@$-in Luv from Bed Rocks in Shorewood, and Some Pelicans from Raven’s in Joliet.

Top Gun and Top Gal Results: The winners are: Top Gun was Leonardo Lopez-Hernandez, 7 and Runner Up was Mike Rooffener, 5 both from Joliet. Top Gal was Kim Urbanek, 3 and Runner Up was Lacy Bugielski, 4 both from Bolingbrook. There is no summer Top Gun\Gal tournament and all summer Top Gun, Gals and MVPs will be invited to the Fall Tournament, Jan 22nd.

Vegas Bound 8Ball teams: Kane County winners are Pool Tang Clan and Money Shots, both from Mike & Denise’s in Aurora. Will County winners are Los Primos, Longer Shots and Scorpions each from Long Shots; Some Pelicans from Raven’s all from Joliet, and Ninja Please from Main Inn in Lemont.

9Ball Vegas bound teams: U Rack’em and Skull Draggers from Main Inn in Lemont. While the team names may sound familiar, many first time players going. Congratulations, Good Luck and Make us Proud!

Honorable Mention: The winner of the Spring Secondary Tournament Some Pelicans from Ravens made it through the Challenge and the Citywide and are heading to Vegas! Way to go guys! It’s the long way to go, but you did awesome! Four guys and four gals, captain Amy Valentine!  

 Fall Session Sign Ups Teams can sign up for the Fall Session at any time. Consider this your first reminder. You’ll also receive a reminder in the mail, some additional emails and even a phone call, if I don’t hear back from you. If you’re not going to play, it’s easier to just say “No Thanks, maybe next time” right from the start (and after I stop crying), I’ll make myself a reminder to check with you again for the spring. The Fall session will start right after Labor day for most divisions.  There will be more large divisions with Top Point teams to Citywide, as there were so few this summer. Call, email or reserve anytime. The new season will start early, right after the finals, so the 3rd week in Sept in most cases.

APA Calendar

    ·             Aug 11-20  World Pool Championships at the Westgate Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

    ·             Sept 9-11  Summer Challenge of Champions, at the Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·             October 1-2 Singles Regional, Location TBA

    ·             Jan 18-22 Fall Challenge of Champions, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·             Jan 22: MVP and Top Gun\Gal tournament, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·             May 19-21 Spring Challenge of Champions, Clarion Hotel

    ·             Jun 2-5 Citywide 8Ball tournament at Timber Creek in Sandwich 

    * Citywide 2017 will be back at Timber Creek in Sandwich.


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 Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do like hearing from you.

 Have a great summer, whether you’re beside a pool or a pool table! Be Safe


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