June, whew...Glad that's over!

June was packed full of intense tournaments three weeks straight! They're a faint memory now, as we approach the end of July.  I got to meet many of you for the first time so now I have a face to go with the name and voice, and you do too. We crowned lots of winners. The Challenge winners went to the Citywide, and the Citywide winners are going to Vegas next month. There are many first timers going; veteran APA players Doug Hohisel and Tom Avon are going after playing for over 20 years, and many others. Congratulations to all the winners!  Airfares and hotels are booked and they're about to pack their cues. You can see all the winners in the Photo Gallery of the local site (link below).  You'll be able to watch their progress on the APA site in August too (link also below). I'll be posting updates on Facebook too so get added to my Fan page. (link below too). 

Will County Summer playoff format 

All Will County divisions with 12 or more teams will advance the Top Point team to the Citywide, June 2015. Divisions with 13 or more teams will additionally advance the 2nd place team to the Challenge of Champions, Sept 20th in Lisle. Top Point to Citywide divisions will also have a 2nd tier to qualify for the Challenge, but will need to win an extra round to qualify for the COC. The remaining spots are the normal playoff with a wildcard team in the last secondary spot, if available. Any teams that are not interested in the secondary playoff, must notify me no later than the day after the last night of play.  Any division with less than 6 teams will play 1st vs bye, 2nd vs 3rd and no wildcard or secondary spot.

Kane and Kendall teams will be notified directly on their sheets, as each division may vary.
9Ball playoff format  Divisions with 14 teams will advance the top point team to Citywide, 2015. Any other division will follow the normal playoff format including a wildcard team for the last spot. 
9Ball playoff format  

 Summer Challenge of Champion in Lisle    As last year, the Summer Challenge of Champions will be held at the Sheraton in Lisle, formerly the Wyndham on Sept 19-21. It's conveniently located off Naper Blvd and I-88. Discounted hotel rates will be available.


Fall session sign ups
If your team took the summer off, or if you're interested in adding a fall team, you can contact me at any time. It's never too soon to sign up. The Fall session will start as early as the first week in September, with most starting the fourth week in Sept, right after the Challenge however the Joliet Thursday divisions will start Sept 18th. Nine ball divisions will start early October.  You can contact me by email, Facebook or call me (815-886-2057) or any other way. : )  My new assistants, Tami and Lacie, will also be calling past captains and players to follow up. Keep in mind that some bars will fill up their spots quickly so don't delay. That's less than two months! If you don't have a team, I always have a list of teams looking for spares, maybe a second night or just as a spare. Beginners are always in high demand.
Shoot Faced Tournament 
Mark your calendar for Nov 14-16. This year's event is being held at the Sheraton in Lisle (formerly the Wyndham). The larger location allows us to accept more teams which means a larger payout as it's a more centrally located hotel. You can sign up anytime. If you're not familiar with the Shoot Faced format, rules or fees, drop me a line. Fliers are not yet ready but watch your email, my Facebook Fan page * and your team envelopes.  All 2014 APA members are eligible to participate. Depending on the success of this event, will determine future events.
Male 2s Bylaw 

The APA had announced that male 2s would be allowed in Vegas starting in 2015. CEO and founder, Terry Bell chose to reverse that decision. With this in mind, we will continue our local bylaw of no male 2s in post season or tournament play. The APA has asked us to reconsider our bylaw of waiting for men to play 20 times before being allowed to be a 2, so we will modify our current bylaw to TEN matches instead, effective this Fall session. Keep in mind that a player's right to be allowed to compete as a 2 will be solely the decision of League Management and the APA. 

APA Calendar


  • Aug 14-18  9ball National Championship in Las Vegas
  • Aug 17-23  8ball National Championship in Las Vegas
  • Aug 14-23  Vegas Mini Mania open to all APA members, Jack 'Jill Championship
  • Sept 19-21  Challenge of Champions, Sheraton in Lisle
  • September: Fall session Begins
  • Oct 4-5 Singles Regionals  TBA
  • Nov 14-16  Shoot Faced Tournament Sheraton in Lisle
  • Jan 16-18  Fall Challenge of Champions, Alsip
Online Updates

APA Online Profile \  Members Services   If you don't have an online profile, why not?! It's free, you can check stats, schedules, (catch my mistakes), Top Gun reports, cool videos, billiard news, and more. You just need your email address and as long as your birthdate is on file, you're all set. See the link and video below. .


Facebook Fan Page There's only 619 players (25% of the current members) on the Facebook Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/APAMary page (link below). I know many of you are on FB, so just LIKE  the page and you'll be added. I won't waste your time on there, but sometimes I'll post something relevant, or direct you to check the local site for news. 814 of you are on my personal page /MaryGuzzo so why not be on the Fan Page too.   


Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do enjoy hearing from you. (usually... : )




Mary@chicago-pool.com  This does not go to a phone, but the best way to reach me, even when the office is closed. 

Contact your division rep when you can't reach me. Their contact info is on your schedule and on the top of your scoresheets.

 http://southsuburban.apaleagues.com  (local site for Message board, photo gallery, schedules, Updates, local news, birthdays)

 https://members.poolplayers.com/default.aspxfor Online Profile, all stats

www.poolplayers.com  APA Natonal website, National results, videos are more.

www.facebook.com/APAMary  (LIKE to be added)

www.facebook.com/poolplayers  (APA FB page)


League Office: 815-886-2057

League Fax: 815-828-0969 

  Visit APA's Official YouTube Channel  (3 pt scoring at 9 min pt) 

New APA Member Services Website

Members Services

You can have access to your stats, schedules, rosters and more by creating an account at http://members.poolplayers.com or create an APA Member Account using the "Create Account" link at the top of any of the pages of this website.  It's FREE and takes just a few minutes.

When you create your account:

  • Your name, birth date and email address must match what we have on file for you, so if you encounter any difficulties, please contact us to verify that we have your correct info.
  • You will also need your 8-digit membership number. Your 8-digit # is printed on your APA Membership Card.  Your member number is XXX plus the 5-digit number you see on your score sheets. XXX signifies that you are a member of the LOCAL AREA chapter of the APA. It does not print on your local score sheets since all LOCAL AREA members' numbers begin with XXX.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been set up. If you do not receive the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder to see if it was misdirected by your email server as spam. You will need this email to confirm your account. 
  • Open the email and click the link to confirm your account. 

Once you have created and confirmed your account, log in to your APA account using the "Log In" link at the top of any of the pages of this site and then select "Online Member Services" from the left menu, which will take you to your Member Page.

  • To access stats, standings, rosters and schedules, select "stats" from the top menu. 
  • You will also have the ability to print off your membership card, update your membership profile and see your membership, team and tournament history.


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