The Fall session is almost half over; with Halloween this weekend, Thanksgiving a month away and Christmas stuff in the stores already! Yikes! Please note the updated calendar as some dates and locations changed, AND the Shoot Faced tournament was added. Mark you calendar for all APA dates; note that the Vegas 2016 dates are a week earlier than normal making the school teachers happy. See below for the new MVP program that went into effect this summer, and also this session’s playoff format (with lots of Top Point spots)!

You'll have Mail. All 2015 members (with email on file): watch your inbox for a survey, from me personally, to get your input on how to improve the league. It only takes a few minutes, nothing heavy, just what you like and don’t like. We’ve been the #1 league for decades and still want to strive to be the best. 

FAQ:  How many matches needed for playoffs?    Players are only required to play FOUR matches during the summer and fall sessions for post season play.  Remember that men can be 2s only after playing 10 matches, and not in any post season play. Players with 3 matches played will now be listed on the roster but not eligible to play. (New) 

FAQ: Who were the Summer COC winners?  The Summer Challenge winners can be found in the Photo Gallery. Check the left side of menu on this page:  Congratulations to Boomsticks from Mulligan’s in Monee, Deking’s Die Hards from Dekings in Aurora, Go Tell Mary from Bed Rocks in Shorewood, Misfits from Long Shots in Joliet, Nobody Left Standing from Long Shots in Joliet and Pool Tang Clan from Mike & Denise’s in Aurora. You’ll play in June for your spot to Vegas! Congratulations. 

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8 Ball Playoff Format  Divisions with 13 or more teams qualify for Top Point to Citywide! Those divisions will also have a second tier playoff of the 6th vs 9th and 7th vs 8th place teams, and the winner advances to the Challenge of Champions but with an extra round of play. The remaining teams playoff in the secondary playoff; so FOUR teams will advance. Divisions with 10-12 teams will advance the Top Point team to Challenge of Champions, 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th and the rest playoff for the secondary spot (Three will advance). Divisions with less than 9 teams will playoff as normal, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd and the division winner advances to the Challenge of Champions, the rest playoff for the secondary spot, where applicable. If there are any exceptions to this format, you’ll be notified through your team envelopes. There will be some runner up and playoff situations, but each is announced individually. Do not assume playoff formats are the same as a past sessions.  Citywide teams are not eligible for second tier or secondary playoffs, but have the option to play in the Fall main playoffs, but not the Spring playoffs.

9Ball Playoff Format Divisions with nine or more teams will advance the Top Point team to the 9Ball Citywide in June; the rest playoff as normal, 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th, with a bottom tier, 6th vs wildcard and 7th vs 8th, that winner advances into the Citywide 9ball Qualifier, in June. All other divisions play off as normal, with the wildcard team in the last playoff spot. Citywide teams are not eligible for wildcard, but have the option to play in the Fall playoffs, but not in the Spring playoffs.

MVP and Top Gal  Two formats for more winners:  Top Gun\Gal is determined by Performance Points as usual. The new MVP format, called PA (% of Points Available). The player that earns the highest percentage of all available points at the end of the session would be named MVP (one male and one female*), which is what the MVP is…the player that contributes the most points to the team. This should make the MVP award more possible for all handicaps, not just the higher skilled ones. The MVP needs a minimum of 6 MP, and Top Gun\Gal need a minimum of 4 MP. To summarize: Since up to 3 pts are available per match, the player that earns the highest percentage of points would win MVP (accumulating 3-0, 2-0, 1-2 throughout the session). Top Gal will be computed the same way, but awarded to the woman with the highest percentage in the top 20 of the list* (If top 10, then she would receive an award). All Summer MVPs, and Top Guns and Gals will be eligible to play in the Fall Tournament in January with the Fall winners for a larger event and larger prize money. Now there are up to 4 individual winners per division.  The Top Gun\Gal tournament has a small $10 entry and open tables; 100% of the entry fees are paid back (awards are added). The male and female winners can opt to take a singles board in lieu of the cash prize ($160 value). (New)

The Singles Regional was held in early October. Mike Milani, 6 from Lockport qualified to play in the 8 Ball Singles Championship in Vegas in April. Congratulations Mike!  You can still join Mike in Vegas by qualifying on a singles board anytime before Nov. 30th. Watch for news of local qualifying boards or call to get added to my call list. (Stayed tuned to the Facebook Fan * page for details).  

APA Calendar

  •             Shoot Faced 5 MAN tournament Nov 13-15 (added), Clarion Hotel in Joliet 

    ·       Jan 8-10  Fall Challenge of Champions, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       Jan 10: MVP and Top Gal tournament, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       Jun 3-5 (mark your calendar) Citywide 8Ball tournament at Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       Doubles Vegas Qualifier: TBA for play in February, winners play in April in Vegas

    ·        May 20-22 Spring Challenge of Champions, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·      Jun 3-5 (changed)  Citywide 8Ball tournament at Clarion Hotel in Joliet (mark your calendar)

    ·       Vegas Nationals: 9ball Aug 11-15, 8ball Aug 14-20th (new earlier dates) Westgate Resort



Our new Free Mobile App was launched early September. Search your APP store for M&R Pool. It has schedules, Rules, Sign ups, GPS to your bar location, and so much more. Thanks Matt Zerafa for a great job!

Facebook Fan Page  There are 1021 players on the Facebook Fan Page (not to be confused with my personal page) . I know many of you are on FB, so just LIKE the page and you'll be added. I won't waste your time on there, but sometimes I'll post something relevant, or direct you to check the local site for news.

Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do like hearing from you. 



 This does not go to a phone, but the best way to reach me, even when the office is closed. 

Contact your division rep when you can't reach me. Their contact info is on your schedule and on the top of your scoresheets.

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