First off, thanks for your continued participation and support, especially as we transitioned to a smaller league this summer. With Kelly Auer's help in the Kane and Kendall area, and Helen Manzella's help in the Frankfort area, along with the input and support of the division reps, I think there are many more opportunities to make the APA here even better.  

With the split of our league, there is now a new Facebook Group for the Kane, Kendall and Frankfort teams called APA Kane Kendall Frankfort of Will County (KKF-APA) *see link below). Since the new Will County operators are making changes for that area, and most players are on that APA page, it's best to join the new one to avoid confusion. Some information will continue to be on the old page, when it effects all APA members like tournaments, fundraisers, death notices, etc.  

MVP Change: The Top Gun and MVP format will remain the same (per division), with the exception that the MVP winners (male and female) must play half the season; ie;14 week session requires 7 MP to win. When it's an odd # of weeks I will round down, also in the case of byes; ex: 14-15 weeks require 7 MP. Reminder that the Top Gun\Gal\MVP tournament is an annual event now. Date and location TBA.  

Playing Twice Rule: Too many teams are counting on playing two players instead of being diligent about getting their teammates to show. Effective this Spring Session, teams that play 5 players and do not go over 23 points will receive an extra bonus point. When teams agree to go over 23, they don't earn the extra bonus point even with 5 players. Competitive, fun teams require a full squad for strategy, coaching, scorekeeping and camaraderie. Playing a player twice is still an option to avoid forfeiting, but no extra bonus point.  

Spring Session Championship matches: Starting in the Spring Session, the first week of playoffs won't change, but the finals will be held on a Saturday at noon, in the Downers Grove area (on Diamond tables), location to be announced. This has several benefits: All matches will have an official, all awards can be presented by me : ), teams get a tournament environment and no one has home advantage. The new session will start immediately after, just as before.  (cont below)

Please call or contact me with any questions or comments
League Office; 815-886-2057
Kelly Auer: 630-742-2066
De Kalb, Kane, Kendall, Will
8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open


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February 2018
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Apr 25 2018 8:00AM - Apr 27 2018 9:00PM 2018 APA 8-Ball Classic
Apr 25 2018 8:00AM - Apr 26 2018 8:00PM 2018 9-Ball Doubles Championship
Apr 25 2018 8:00AM - Apr 28 2018 11:00PM 2018 MiniMania
Apr 26 2018 8:00AM - Apr 27 2018 8:00PM 2018 Wheelchair Championship
Apr 27 2018 8:00AM - Apr 29 2018 9:00PM 2018 8-Ball Doubles Championship
Apr 27 2018 8:00AM - Apr 29 2018 8:00PM 2018 APA 9-Ball Shootout
Aug 9 2018 8:00AM - Aug 12 2018 5:00PM 2018 Ladies Championship
Aug 9 2018 8:00AM - Aug 17 2018 11:00PM 2018 MiniMania
Aug 9 2018 4:30PM - Aug 18 2018 8:00PM 2018 World Pool Championships
Aug 11 2018 8:00AM - Aug 14 2018 5:00PM 2018 Team Captain Championship
Aug 13 2018 8:00AM - Aug 15 2018 5:00PM 2018 Jack & Jill Championship
Aug 14 2018 8:00AM - Aug 17 2018 5:00PM 2018 Masters Championship
Nov 7 2018 10:00AM - Nov 8 2018 5:00PM 2018 Womens U.S. Amateur Championship
Nov 9 2018 9:00AM - Nov 11 2018 5:00PM 2018 U.S. Amateur Championship