July Update!

Vegas bound teams will be heading out soon!  This will be the inaugural event at the Westgate Resort, after the sudden announcement that the Riviera Resort was being closed and demolished. The Westgate will be awesome, and the 1st year will be the best as the APA puts on the best show imaginable! The summer session is the 1st step to getting there next year. Summer Challenge winners will qualify for the Citywide, getting you into the Vegas qualifier next May! Read on… on how to get there. Also: Read below for Fall Session news, and changes. 

Summer 8Ball Playoff Format: Divisions with 13 or more teams qualify for Top Point to Citywide. Those divisions will also have a second tier playoff of the 6th vs 9th and 7th vs 8th place teams, and the winner advances to Challenge of Champions but with an extra round of play. The remaining teams playoff in the secondary playoff. Divisions with 10-12 teams will advance the Top Point team to Challenge of Champions, 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th and the rest playoff for the secondary spot. Divisions with six to nine teams will playoff as normal, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd and the division winner advances to the Challenge of Champions, the rest playoff for the secondary spot, where applicable. If there are any exceptions to this format, you’ll be notified through your team envelopes. There will be some runner up and playoff situations, but announced individually.

Summer 9Ball Playoff Format: Divisions with nine or more teams will advance the Top Point team to the 9Ball Citywide, the rest playoff as normal, with a bottom tier advancing a team into the Citywide 9ball Qualifier. 

Playoff Minimum Matches:  Players are only required to play FOUR matches during the summer and fall sessions for post season play.  Remember that men can be 2s only after playing 10 matches, and not in any post season play.

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Summer Challenge of Champions NEW Location  We’ve contracted a new home for all upcoming Challenge of Champion tournaments, the Clarion Hotel in Joliet, located at I-80 and Larkin Ave.  After 15 years in Alsip, it was time to move on and we’re thrilled! In addition to a closer and easier location for all members; the food, drink and hotel room prices will be more reasonable, and the tournament room is larger and in one confined space, allowing for more practice tables. We’re very excited about this move. Mini tournaments will be open for all our 2015 members on both Friday and Saturday night. We’ll continue to use Valley tables, supplied by John Stitch.  Please come visit and check it out in Sept 11-13th, at the next COC!

 June Tournament Results: Check out the June tournament winners in the local site’s photo gallery **. Winners were also listed on the Facebook APA Fan page, along with the Top Gun Leonardo Lopez-Hernandez, 7 and 2nd place Mark Brant, 6, both from Joliet.  Top Gal Amber Kwasigroch, 4 from Joliet, and 2nd place Cherie Hausler, 3 from Aurora. 

Our very first 3 person Ladies division winner is going to Vegas too, Strokin’ ‘N Smokin’ from the Bull Pen in Shorewood, captain April Scroggins. Congratulations to you all! 

Vegas Bound 8Ball teams: Moose Spunk from the Moose Lodge in Wilmington, Sin City from Ryan’s in Frankfort, Slow Rollin’ from Angie’s in Rockdale, Blast from the Past from Suzy’s in Yorkville, 7 Out from Long Shots in Joliet, Totally Corrupt from Stone City in Romeoville and Neustra Familia from Rudy’s in Aurora. Many first time players heading to Vegas!  Some are 20, and even 30 year APA veterans, finally going! Various areas, various bars, and you can make it too!

9Ball Vegas bound teams: U Rack’em from Main Inn and Sho-Nuff from Long Shots. While the team names may sound familiar, many first time players going. Congratulations, Good Luck and Make us Proud!

Honorable Mention: The winner of the Citywide 9Ball Qualifier (1st year) was Who Effin’ Cares from Shooters in Lockport, who made it to the Citywide Finals! Way to go guys! It’s a long way to go, but you did awesome!

 MVP and Top Gal:  As announced last session, the APA has delegated a new “Top Gun \ MVP” formula, called PA (Points Available). The player that earns the highest percentage of all available points at the end of the session would be named MVP, which is what the MVP is…the player that contributes the most points to the team. This should make MVPs more possible for all handicaps, not just the higher skilled ones. To summarize: Since up to 3 pts are available per match, the player that earns the highest percentage of points would win MVP (accumulating 3-0, 2-0, 1-2 throughout the session). Top Gal will be computed the same way, but awarded to the woman with the highest percentage in the top 20 of the list, (If top 10, then she receives an award). All Summer MVPs and Top Gals will be eligible to play in the Fall Tournament in January with the Fall winners. With the smaller summer session and so many other activities, combining the two sessions will be a better event and larger prize money.  The Top Gun tournament has a small $10 entry and open tables, 100% paid back, awards added
 Fall Session Dues Increase  It’s been 7 years since the last increase in dues, and unfortunately with all expenses going up; trophies, Vegas trips, hotels, etc, the dues need to too. Starting the Fall session, the nightly player dues will be $8.  Part of the increase will go to increase the Challenge of Champions and Citywide prize money. That too hasn’t gone up in 7 years.  It was discussed to cut back on trophies, as the amount of trophy winners has increased considerably in the last 7 years, by adding Top Point division winners, Top Point playoff winners, direct Top Point to Citywide winners, and they all get trophies, also nicer and nicer trophies. (Some have even asked to add Secondary winners’ trophies).  So keep in mind, that most people get raises every year, so 7 years between increases should be reasonable. 

Fall Session Sign Ups  Teams can sign up for the Fall Session at any time. Consider this your first reminder. You’ll also receive a reminder in the mail, some additional emails and even a phone call, if I don’t hear back from you. If you’re not going to play, it’s easier to just say “No Thanks, maybe next time” right from the start (and after I stop crying), I’ll make myself a reminder to check with you again for the spring. The Fall session will start right after Labor day for most divisions.  There will be more large divisions with Top Point teams to Citywide, as there were so few this summer. Call, email or reserve anytime.

Tournament Announcements If you didn’t hear about these events, please read on so you don’t miss any other events:Please allocate one player on the team, that has a Facebook page to keep the team aware of any APA announcements; such as Singles board schedules, upcoming tournaments, playoff updates, deaths and other important information. I will be posting there instead of fliers in the team envelopes. Unlike a Facebook Timeline, the news stays on the page, so please check it. If you don’t want to have a Facebook page, you can still check out the page for updates without a profile, so just check it out.  See below.

APA Calendar

    ·       Aug 13-22  National Championships in Vegas, at the new Westgate Hotel and Casino

    ·       Sept 11-13  Summer Challenge of Champions, at the new Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       October 2-3  Singles Regional, Location TBA

    ·       Jan 15-17  Fall Challenge of Champions, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       Jan 17: MVP and Top Gal tournament, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       Jun 3-5 (mark your calendar) Citywide 8Ball tournament at Best Western in Sandwich

Online Member Service Updates

Less than half of you have an APA online members profile. Not sure why as it’s free and pretty cool. You can access schedules, stats, history, videos, National news, Billiard news from around the world, contests, free stuff and so much more.  Mostly I like how players can catch my mistakes (sigh) like wrong players played, wrong points, etc. (Mistake made off the scoresheets, of course. : ) You can also visit the local website from your profile or directly (see below), and sign up for the APA e-newsletter called the BUZZ. This is all part of your membership, along with your magazines and discounts. See link below to join.  You should all have your new APA card (hard plastic version) or the 2015 sticker to put on your old card.

Facebook Fan Page There are only 971 players (29%) on the Facebook Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/APAMary page. I know many of you are on FB, so just LIKE the page and you'll be added. I won't waste your time on there, but sometimes I'll post something relevant, or direct you to check the local site for news.


 Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do enjoy hearing from you. (usually... : )


With a sad heart, we remember the members that have passed away recently, John Ledford, 41 from Joliet, and Ross Bauer, 67 from St. Charles.  Our sympathies to their friends and family. 


 This does not go to a phone, but the best way to reach me, even when the office is closed. 

Contact your division rep when you can't reach me. Their contact info is on your schedule and on the top of your scoresheets.


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You can have access to your stats, schedules, rosters and more by creating an account at http://members.poolplayers.com or create an APA Member Account using the "Create Account" link at the top of any of the pages of this website.  It's FREE and takes just a few minutes.

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