Did you know that Spring session teams are just a short few months away from qualifying for Vegas!? With the secondary playoff in 8ball, and the second tier playoff in 9ball, anyone can still get in the Citywide tournaments to play off for Vegas! See below for the playoff format for this session.

APA Annual Renewal: By the time you read this almost all you will be paid up so Thanks for joining, and welcome to all the new and returning players. Lots of familiar names are showing up. Makes my day! Have you noticed an * by your name? If so you may not get your APA membership packet, as they’re sent to your home. If I don’t have your address on file, you’ll miss out on it and on your APA magazine too. If I don’t have your birth date on file, you can’t get an online profile. Call me with missing information. Hey, have you ever checked out the discounts you’re entitled to with your APA card? It’s worth a look. You’ll save that $25 and more quite easily.

8 Ball Playoff Format:  Divisions with 15 or more teams still qualify the Top Point team to Citywide. Those divisions will also have a 2nd tier playoff of the 6th vs 9th and 7th vs 8th place teams, and the winner advances to COC but with an extra round of play. The remaining teams play off in the secondary playoff. Divisions with 10-12 teams, where there are multiple divisions per night, will play a one week inter-divisional playoff between Top Point teams; the winner qualifies for Citywide and the other team advances to Challenge of Champions. Ex: Top Point teams from Div 441 vs TP from 442, etc. Each The team with the higher point average gets home advantage. In the case of a tie, I will determine the tiebreaker procedure. Keep in mind that normally Top Point teams in a 10 and 12 team division would qualify for Challenge only so this is an exception. The rest of the teams will play off: 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th and the rest playoff for the secondary spot. Division with less than 8 teams will playoff as normal, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd and the division winner advances to the Challenge of Champions, the rest playoff for the secondary spot, where applicable. If there are any exceptions to this format, you’ll be notified through your team envelopes.  NO Citywide qualified teams are eligible for playoffs in the spring session. Remember that men can be 2s only after playing 10 matches, and not in any post season play.  See below for minimum match requirements. . They would be in the playoffs. (continued below....

9Ball Playoff FormatDivisions with 10 or more teams will advance the Top Point team to the 9Ball Citywide, with a bottom tier playoff advancing a team into the Citywide 9ball Qualifier (CWQ).  NO Citywide qualified teams are eligible for playoffs, except CWQ teams that are not yet CW qualified. CWQ teams are noted with a Q online and on the sheet, just like Citywide teams so be aware some may be in the top tier playoffs since they’re not yet Citywide qualified. A runner up team to a Top Point Citywide team is not qualified

Playoff Minimum Matches:  Players are required to play FIVE matches this session, instead of the normal SIX for spring post season play.  All players qualified for Citywide (not CWQ) must have a handicap based on 10 matches, so new players may need to play more often, especially if bypassing playoffs or Challenge matches. This is a National rule and there are no exceptions, not even last night of play forfeits or dropped team would count. Plan ahead. 

Citywide Qualified teams: To summarize; 1) NO Citywide qualified teams are eligible for playoffs in the spring session. Citywide teams are noted with a Q. 2) A runner up team to a Top Point Citywide team repeating is not qualified. 3) Citywide players must have a handicap based on 10 matches to be eligible, and are removed from the roster. 4) Citywide teams must be in the top half of the division, or could suffer penalties, incuding losing their CW spot. 5) Citywide byes, if available are awarded based on performance. 

 MVP and Top GalTo summarize: Since up to 3 pts are available per match, the player that earns the highest percentage of points would win MVP (accumulating 3-0, 2-0, 1-2 throughout the session). Top Gal will be computed the same way, but awarded to the woman with the highest percentage in the top 20 of the list* (If top 10, then she receives an award). All Summer and Fall MVPs and Top Guns\Gals played in the January event, with a record 44 Top Guns and 32 Top Gals! And the Winners are: Top Gun Johnny Kerr 7, from Coal City, 2nd Place Dan Foreman from Tinley Park, Top Gal Audrey Smith 3 from Crest Hill and 2nd place Vicki Lynn, 4 from Romeoville. If you were unable to attend, call me and I’ll invite you to the May 22nd event.  In the case of a tie, winning percentage and MP\MW would break the tie. When a previous Top Gun\MVP from the Summer or Fall session wins again in the Spring, the Runner up also wins. Top Gal\MVPs runners ups do not.
Challenge of Champions NEW Location The Clarion is working out better than expected. We’re thrilled and hope you are too! In addition to a closer and easier location for all members; the food, drink and hotel room prices are more reasonable, and the tournament room is larger, allowing for more practice tables. We’re very excited about this move. Lots of local players came for the mini tournaments. John Stich was kept busy until 2am each night. Thanks for the support of the event to make it a huge success.  Check the calendar for the upcoming tournaments. The Challenge tournaments and 8ball Citywide will be at the Clarion in 2016. The 2017 Citywide will return to Sandwich Best Western.  

September Challenge Results: The Winners are; In Need of from Zelmo’s in  Joliet, Totally Corrupt from Stone City in Romeoville, Falcons from Nena’s in Joliet, Longer Shots from Long Shots in Joliet, Punishers from Four Seasons in Sycamore and Moose Knucklers from Moose Lodge in Batavia. All winners’ photos are in the Photo Gallery on the local site. See link below or click from your profile at the top right corner (My League’s Site).

APA Calendar

    ·        Feb 21 Doubles Vegas Qualifiers, Long Shots in Joliet. Pre-registration required

    ·        March 5-6 Singles Regional, Griffith Billiards, Griffith, IN.  

    ·    April 28-May 1  National Singles, Westgate Casino in Las Vegas

    ·       May 20-22  Spring Challenge of Champions, Clarion Hotel 

    ·        May 22  Top Gun\MVP and top Gal\MVP, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·       Jun 3-5  8ball Citywide tournament, Clarion Hotel in Joliet *

    ·        Jun 4th  9ball Citywide Qualifier, Clarion Hotel in Joliet

    ·  Jun 11-12  9Ball Citywide tournament, Long Shots & Bed Rocks. 

    ·        Aug 11-15  9ball National Championship (Thurs to Mon)

    ·     Aug 15-20  8ball National Championship (NEW dates, Mon to Sat)

    * Citywide 2017 will be back at Timber Creek in Sandwich.


Our new Free Mobile App was launched early September. Search your APP store for M&R Pool. It has schedules, Rules, Sign ups, GPS to your bar location, and so much more. Thanks Matt Zerafa for a great job!


Facebook Fan Page There are 1083 players on the Facebook Fan Page (about half my members): www.Facebook.com/APAMary  page. I know many of you are on FB, so just LIKE the page and you'll be added. I won't waste your time on there, but sometimes I'll post something relevant, or direct you to check the local site for news.

Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do like hearing from you.

 Have a safe winter, play nice, make a friend. See you in the spring.

 Thanks for your continued support and participation.  Please call or contact me with any questions or comments. I do like hearing from you. 



 This does not go to a phone, but the best way to reach me, even when the office is closed. 

Contact your division rep when you can't reach me. Their contact info is on your schedule and on the top of your scoresheets.


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New session starts early June for Summer, Mid Sept for Fall, and end of Jan for Spring. Spares and beginners are always needed.


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